Useful Research Links

Below are several useful links that we feel will assist you when drafting your bill or preparing for debate in committee. Please take advantage of these great resources. Your preparation will pay off when the conference arrives.
The United States House of Representatives website. The site provides committee information as well as the Congressional schedule and information on recently debated bills, resolutions, and amendments. The site also contains a link to the Office of the Clerk, where you can view roll call votes.
The United States Senate website. The site offers committee information in addition to relevant calendars, summaries of recent votes, nominations, and treaties. The site also includes a “virtual reference desk,” with information on the different branches of government and various agencies, as well as the legislative process in general.
The Library of Congress, Thomas. The site is an invaluable resource if you are trying to research a bill, resolution, or amendment. The site provides user-friendly search options, access to the Congressional Record, and the full text of legislative items.
The C-SPAN website offers a non-filtered overview of developments in Washington, including live coverage of House and Senate sessions, committee hearings, and relevant conferences, speeches, and book-talks.
The Hill newspaper is a major source of information for news inside the Beltway. In addition to providing incisive articles on Congress, the Hill also offers coverage of lobbying and other business on K-Street, in addition to coverage of the White House.
A major Washington-based think tank, The Brookings Institute offers insightful analyses of virtually every major policy issue in the American and global political and strategic landscape.
A foremost news source for international political news, The Economist also provides analytical articles on American government and US politics.
The New York Times and The Washington Post are two of the most widely read newspapers in the country, and are useful in keeping up with current events.