Conference Costs

  • Registration Fee

    $150 per Delegation

  • Delegate Fees

    $110 per delegate attending the conference

  • Registration Deposit

    The $150 registration fee plus a $40 per delegate deposit is due upon registration. This deposit is fully refunded if your school is not accepted to the conference.

  • Hotel Fees

    Delegations stay at either the Sheraton University City Hotel or the Hilton Inn at Penn. Schools will have the opportunity to express a preference, subject to availability.

    The hotel stay is for 3 nights. Rooms can accommodate from 1-4 delegates, with most schools choosing to place 4 delegates in each 2-double bed room. Unfortunately due to safety regulations, roll-away beds are unavailable in 2-double bed rooms.

    Advisors are required to stay in king-bed rooms at both hotels. Special requests for rooms with two double beds can be made, but these rooms are typically reserved for delegates and will be given to advisors based on availability. No more than 2 advisors may stay in any one room.

    Hotel payments are made based on the assigned hotel. Please note that the costs listed below are estimates of the final costs (including taxes), and the final costs may vary slightly.

    Hilton Inn at Penn: $257 per room per night
    The Hilton Inn at Penn will confirm final costs and Penn Model Congress will bill the schools staying at the Hilton. All costs are paid to Penn Model Congress directly. Checks are only accepted from schools, not individual delegates or advisors.
    Please note - not all rooms in the Inn at Penn will be doubles, and therefore some rooms will only be able to accommodate 3 delegates. We will do our best to accommodate the hotel requests of all of the schools, but please keep this in mind with your requests.

    Sheraton: $230 per room per night
    All costs are paid to the Sheraton directly. After hotel assignments are made, the Sheraton will reach out to all schools staying there and bill the schools directly. Checks are only accepted from schools, not individual delegates or advisors.

    *** Both the Sheraton and Inn at Penn require a credit card to be presented at check-in in order to cover any incidental/damage costs that may occur throughout the duration of your stay. ***

  • Refunds/Delegate Reductions

    The $150 registration fee and the $40 per delegate deposits are both non-refundable if your school is accepted. If the size of a delegation is later reduced prior to the delegate roster deadline, the $40 deposits for the extra delegates will be applied to the remaining balance. There will be no refunds of any kind issued after January 27, 2016.

  • Making Payments

    All conference-specific costs are paid to Penn Model Congress directly. All hotel costs are paid as described above. Checks are only accepted from schools, not individual delegates or advisors. A detailed schedule of payment is provided to all attending schools upon acceptance to the conference in the fall. Failure to submit payments by the established deadlines will jeopardize a school's attendance at the conference. An email confirmation will be sent to the primary advisor upon receipt of each payment.

    Checks should be made out to "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania" and mailed to:

    Penn Model Congress
    P.O. Box 30794
    228 South 40th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Packages should be sent via USPS First Class, Priority, or Express Mail. UPS or FedEx packages cannot be received.