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Science, Space, and Technology

The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has jurisdiction over all energy research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor, and all federally owned or operated non-military energy laboratories; astronautical research and development, including resources, personnel, equipment, and facilities; civil aviation research and development; environmental research and development; marine research; commercial application of energy technology; National Institute of Standards and Technology, standardization of weights and measures and the metric system; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; National Science Foundation; National Weather Service; outer space, including exploration and control thereof; science scholarships; scientific research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor. The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology shall review and study on a continuing basis laws, programs, and Government activities relating to non-military research and development.

Hi, my name is Matt Cohen, and I am a Junior studying Computer Science and Business Analytics in M&T. I am an avid biker and I watch way more tv that I should. My major extracurriculars include being head of logistics for PennApps (penn's hackathon), TAing for Discrete Math, and of course, Model Congress. I am particularly interested in Machine Learning and AI, along with the effects they will have on politics in the future. I'm excited to meet you, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns pre-conference.


Hi guys,
My name is Aiden. I'm a freshman in the College here at Penn. I'm a physics major turned political science major with a focus in international relations. I'm from the tiny town of McKenzie in the great state of Tennessee. I enjoy long walks on the beach and sharing desserts. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the conference, foreign relations or Penn in general! This is going to be a great conference, and I look forward to seeing you guys soon!


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