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Science, Space, and Technology

The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has jurisdiction over all energy research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor, and all federally owned or operated non-military energy laboratories; astronautical research and development, including resources, personnel, equipment, and facilities; civil aviation research and development; environmental research and development; marine research; commercial application of energy technology; National Institute of Standards and Technology, standardization of weights and measures and the metric system; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; National Science Foundation; National Weather Service; outer space, including exploration and control thereof; science scholarships; scientific research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor. The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology shall review and study on a continuing basis laws, programs, and Government activities relating to non-military research and development.

My name is Aaron Zhang. I am currently a sophomore at the college studying biochemistry. I am completely new to model congress so you guys will probably know more about everything than I do. I'll expect you all to teach me! I am premed so I am involved in a lot of medical-related clubs on campus but I want to explore my interests so I decided to join.

Heyo! I'm Bryce Carpenter, a sophomore studying biochemistry in the College. I'm entirely new to Model Congress, but I do know some Parly Pro and debate practices from a lot of FBLA work in high school. This is my first foray out of the sciences since my start at Penn, as the other things I'm in are Neuroscience Club, BBB Society, and Medlife, while concurrently starting to get involved with Penn's swing dancing troupe, West Philly Swingers. Being from a tiny town in Georgia, I also used to be part of Penn's Agricultural and Rural Societies Club before it's dissolution last year. Send me an email if there's any question you think I can help with!


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