Committee Info



The Committee on Ethics has jurisdiction over all bills, resolutions and other matters relating to the Code of Official Conduct adopted under House Rule XXIII.

With respect to Members, officers, and employees of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Committee on Ethics is authorized to undertake the following actions:
A) Recommend administrative actions to establish or enforce standards of official conduct.
B) Investigate alleged violations of the Code of Official Conduct or of any applicable rules, laws, or regulations governing the performance of official duties or the discharge of official responsibilities. Such investigations must be made in accordance with Committee rules .
C) Report to appropriate federal or state authorities substantial evidence of a violation of any law applicable to the performance of official duties that may have been disclosed in a Committee investigation. Such reports must be approved by the House or by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Committee.
D) Render advisory opinions regarding the propriety of any current or proposed conduct of a Member, officer, or employee, and issue general guidance on such matters as necessary.
E) Consider requests for written waivers of the gift rule


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