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Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

Jurisdiction: Banks, banking, and financial institutions; Control of prices of commodities, rents and services; Deposit insurance; Economic stabilization and defense production; Export and foreign trade promotion; Export controls; Federal monetary policy, including the Federal Reserve System; Financial aid to commerce and industry; Issuance and redemption of notes; Money and credit, including currency and coinage; Nursing home construction; Public and private housing (including veterans housing); Renegotiation of Government contracts; Urban development and urban mass transit.

My name is Marc. I'm from just outside Baltimore. I'm a freshman in the college. I'm part of the vagelos MLS program here at Penn. I'm tentatively majoring in biochemistry and biophysics. I'm also part of the DP here and I do research with the department of healthcare management and in basic science also. Interestingly enough, I actually did PennMC also when I was in high school. I like forward to meeting you all! If you have any questions about Penn or MC or you just want to reach out, please don't hesitate to email me at

Hunter Crowley is from Sikeston, Missouri and is a 2020 candidate for a B.S. in Economics. He is currently a member of Wharton Investing and Trading and the Penn College Republicans. He can be reached at . He has a lifelong interest in the workings of government and looks forward to participating in a model of it.


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