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Armed Services

Jurisdiction: Aeronautical and space activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems or military operations; Common defense; Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, and the Department of the Air Force, generally; Maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal, including administration, sanitation, and government of the Canal Zone; Military research and development; National security aspects of nuclear energy; Naval petroleum reserves, except those in Alaska; Pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the Armed Forces, including overseas education of civilian and military dependents; Selective service system; Strategic and critical materials necessary for the common defense.

My name is Danielle Yampolsky, and I'm a freshman in Wharton. I'm from Philadelphia and I attended the William Penn Charter School. I work in the Marketing office for Penn Athletics, and I am involved with UPenn College Republicans. I really like cats and Tim Tebow. My e-mail address is and you can contact me about anything! I look forward to meeting all of you!

Hi everyone! My name is Rae Peterson and I am a freshman at the Wharton School of Business studying international business management and public policy. I am from Lexington, Michigan, and am the National Economic Coordinator for PennMC. On campus, I am a consultant for Penn International Impact Consulting, on the Name Scholarship Advisory Board, and am involved in Wharton Women and College Republicans. I also work for a United States Senator and am a GE-Reagan Scholar. If you have any questions about Model Congress, Penn, or college in general, feel free to reach out at I'm looking forward to meeting all of you at our 20th conference!


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