About Us

Penn Model Congress, founded in 1997, is an entirely student-run organization open to all undergraduates of the University of Pennsylvania. Students meet semi-weekly to debate bills written by their peers that cover a variety of contemporary political issues. In addition, the club sponsors panels, guest speakers, and field trips in order to enhance our understanding of the United States government, particularly the Congress and legislative process.

Our year culminates in the spring, when we host a high school conference where 700 delegates from across the nation convene at Penn to debate their own legislation in simulation of the United States Congress. Members act as committee chairs to facilitate debate and oversee the conference. In addition, members may choose to be part of the conference staff to have a more active role in the planning and administrating of the conference throughout the year.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board oversees all club activities and helps to coordinate its conferences and other special events. Congratulations to the newly elected Executive Board for the 2016-2017 academic year!

  • President - Andrew Klimaszewski
  • Vice President - Noah Marinelli
  • Executive Directors - Craig Haratz and Sam Colangelo
  • Program Directors - Dylan Denman and Carter Rice
    • Deputy Program Directors - Graelin Mandel and Justin Horn
  • Admin Director - Ava Barzegar
    • Conference Preparation Committee - Tyler Lawson, Jason Cohen, Brook Jiang, and Dillon Bogart
  • Chief of Staff - Pranay Vissa
    • Deputy Cheifs of Staff - Ben Kaufman and Rachel Baum
  • Logistics Director - Joe DeQuarto
  • Operations Directors - Lynn Hur and Michael Beer
  • Business Directors - Cora Neumann and Kristine Park
  • Social Directors - Jillian Stone and Caroline Graif
  • Outreach Director - Jake Weiseneck
  • Technology Director - Matt Cohen
  • Executive Branch Coordinators - Dante Miele-Elion and Eva Lardizabal
  • Supreme Court Coodinators - Levi Cooper and Karen Whisler
  • National Security Council Coordinators - Nicholas Shevchik and Jordan Dewar
  • National Economic Council Coordinators - Rae Peterson and Celina Lin